Vacancy is a series of single night events occurring every other month using dormant, non-art spaces  in  San Antonio and beyond.

Vacancy Projects was born from the minds of artists Ethel Shipton and Nate Cassie. As practicing artists, both utilize some aspect of community in their work. Both have shown their work regionally, nationally and internationally. Both also work on arts-related projects and boards as a way to build community and push the arts in San Antonio forward. Vacancy Projects grew out of a desire to create a forum for experimentation, development and celebration for San Antonio artists, a single event project. The single night (or afternoon, morning, day) allows for a freshness and energy and a variety of levels of audience interaction. There is a historical precedence both with the San Antonio community and specifically with one of the collaborators who ran a single night visual arts program out of her studio with a set time frame of three years- The Project Room.

The single event creates a spontaneous energy that ripples through various slices of the larger San Antonio com m unity. A second aspiration was to activate underused and non-art spaces in a variety of geographic locations within the larger community. This provides the opportunity for the participants to develop work in new types of spaces, create work for specific spaces and to see work in new ways. It provides new viewers a potentially less formal and perhaps a less intimidating setting. Vacancy was conceived as a multidisciplinary project with the potential for overlap within the arts- our upcoming project involves both visual arts and culinary arts. The variety of locations, media and participants allows for a higher potential of new audience members and creates cross-pollination within both the arts and audience communities.