nate2Nate Cassie obtained his BA in studio art from Hope College in Holland, Michigan and his MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Cassie’s encompasses  drawing, painting, sculpture, video and digital media. The medium or material used for each specific project or series is carefully chosen for its ability to best  express the concept that drives the work. His current work has been shown at various locations in the U.S. and abroad. He occasionally curates exhibits. Nate Cassie lives and works in San Antonio.



Ethel Shipton was born in Laredo, Texas, a city on the border between the US and Mexico. She has been working professionally as an artist since 1989. She has also been involved in the founding and growth of several independent art spaces, some of which are now landmarks within the city of San Antonio including: The Project Room, Sala Diaz, Blue Star Art SPACE and TPS (Triangle Project Space). The time, effort, and energy that Shipton shares with the  San Antonio Art Comunity; both with individuals as well as independnet art spaces, belies astrength that the community acknowledges. Her efforts help delineate the art profile of San Antonio.